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The Essentials of English: a Writer's Handbook (with APA Style) Workbook
by: Linda Baker
$30.51  $33.90  inc GST    $27.74  $30.82  ex GST
Publication Date: 06/06/2003
ISBN: 9780131830370
Published In: United States
The Essentials of English Workbook provides additional exercise items for every practice section in The Essentials of English. From grammar and punctuation to the creation of essays and business letters, The Essentials of English: A Writer's Handbook is a must-have reference tool for today's writer. As easy to use as a dictionary, this handbook is designed specifically for non-native English sp...(view full description)
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How to Write Short Stories for Magazines
by: Sophie King
$23.35  $25.95  inc GST    $21.23  $23.59  ex GST
Edition: 2nd
Publication Date: 24/11/2009
ISBN: 9781845283858
Published In: Australia
Writing short stories is both a science and an art. You need a certain amount of skill but you will increase your chances by studying your market and learning what magazine editors are looking for. It is not always obvious. How to Write Short Stories will take you as a would-be writer through the tricks of the trade by: - helping you discover what the different magazines are looking for and h...(view full description)
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Editing Fact and Fiction
Editing Fact and Fiction
A Concise Guide to Book Editing
by: Leslie T. Sharpe
$60.25  $66.95  inc GST    $54.77  $60.86  ex GST
Publication Date: 30/09/1994
ISBN: 9780521456937
Paperback: 240 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
Editing Fact and Fiction is a concise, practical guide to book editing.
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Le Baubab Fou
by: Bugul
$17.10  $19.00  inc GST    $15.55  $17.27  ex GST
Publication Date: 5/3/2010
ISBN: 9782708708037
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Norton Anthology of English Literature 9E Volume B 16 & 17 Century + Norton Shakespeare 2E ISE
by: Greenblatt
$126.85  $140.95  inc GST    $115.32  $128.14  ex GST
Edition: 9
Publication Date: 08/02/2012
ISBN: 9781118369661
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Published In: Australia
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How to Write a Paper
by: George M. Hall
$43.15  $47.95  inc GST    $39.23  $43.59  ex GST
Edition: 5
Publication Date: 30/11/2012
ISBN: 9780470672204
Paperback: 170 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
A new edition of the internationally bestselling book on writing biomedical papers Provides up to-to-date information on the mechanics of journal publishing including online submission and open access Covers the increasingly important issue of publishing ethics Includes a new chapter on how to write a book review.
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Kodansha's Furigana Japanese Dictionary
by: Masatoshi Yoshida
$87.25  $96.95  inc GST    $79.32  $88.14  ex GST
Edition: 2
Publication Date: 17/12/2012
ISBN: 9781568364575
Hardback: 1318 pages
Published In: United States
A comprehensive, communicative, and practical guide to using Japanese, Kodansha's Furigana Japanese Dictionary is an invaluable tool for anyone with an interest in the Japanese language. It has been edited with the needs of English-speaking users in mind, whether students, teachers, business people, or casual linguists, and special care has been taken at each stage of its compilation including ...(view full description)
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Gateway to German Diction BK / CD
$40.50  $45.00  inc GST    $36.82  $40.91  ex GST
ISBN: 9780739001035
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Public Relations Writing The Essentials of Style and Format 8e
by: Bivins
$94.45  $104.95  inc GST    $85.86  $95.41  ex GST
Edition: 8th
Publication Date: 19/02/2013
ISBN: 9780073526232
Paperback: 352 pages
Published In: United States
"Public Relations Writing" is intended for students who plan to work as public relations practitioners. The fundamentals of "Writing" is emphasized above all else and the author provides instructions on organizing releases for everything from broadcast radio to Twitter.
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Faust 1 Textausgabe mit Materialien
Faust 1 Textausgabe mit Materialien
Faust 1 Textausgabe mit Materialien
by: Johann Wolfgang Goethe
$24.25  $26.95  inc GST    $22.05  $24.50  ex GST
ISBN: 9783123524028
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