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Albion Ascendant
Albion Ascendant
English History 1660-1815
by: Wilfrid Prest
$66.55  $73.95  inc GST    $60.50  $67.23  ex GST
Publication Date: 04/06/1998
ISBN: 9780198204183
Paperback: 384 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
Between the return of the Stuart monarchy in 1660 and the battle of Waterloo, England emerged as a formidable superpower. This is an overview of England's transformation, from domestic instability and external weakness to global economic and military predominance.
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Early Modern England 1485-1714
Early Modern England 1485-1714
A Narrative History
by: Robert Bucholz
$44.95  $49.95  inc GST    $40.86  $45.41  ex GST
Edition: 2
Publication Date: 16/01/2009
ISBN: 9781405162753
Paperback: 472 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
The second edition of this bestselling narrative history has been revised and expanded to reflect recent scholarship. The book traces the transformation of England during the Tudor-Stuart period, from feudal European state to a constitutional monarchy and the wealthiest and most powerful nation on Earth.
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Weimar Publics/Weimar Subjects
Weimar Publics/Weimar Subjects
Rethinking the Political Culture of Germany in the 1920s
by: Kathleen Canning
$29.20  $32.45  inc GST    $26.55  $29.50  ex GST
Publication Date: 08/07/2013
ISBN: 9781782381075
Paperback: 422 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
In spite of having been short-lived, "Weimar" has never lost its fascination. Until recently the Weimar Republic's place in German history was primarily defined by its catastrophic beginning and end - Germany's defeat in 1918 and the Nazi seizure of power in 1933; its history seen mainly in terms of politics and as an arena of flawed decisions...
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A Short History of the French Revolution
by: Jeremy D. Popkin
$54.13  $60.15  inc GST    $49.21  $54.68  ex GST
Edition: 5
Publication Date: 11/05/2009
ISBN: 9780205693573
Paperback: 176 pages
Published In: United States
For courses on the French Revolution. Written for today's undergraduates, this up-to-date survey of the French Revolution and Napoleonic era offers a concise alternative to the longer texts geared to advanced study in the field. This text introduces students to the major events that comprise the story of the French Revolution; to the different ways in which historians have interpreted these eve...(view full description)
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People of the Earth
People of the Earth
An Introduction to World Prehistory
by: Brian M. Fagan
$142.83  $158.70  inc GST    $129.85  $144.27  ex GST
ISBN: 9780205966554
Understand major developments of human prehistory People of the Earth: An Introduction to World Prehistory 14/e, provides an exciting journey though the 7-million-year-old panorama of humankind's past. Giving equal treatment to both well-trodden and more obscure parts of the world, People of the Earth shows how today's diverse humanity developed biologically and culturally over millions of year...(view full description)
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Understanding Contemporary China
by: Robert E. Gamer
$36.90  $41.00  inc GST    $33.55  $37.27  ex GST
ISBN: 9781588268440
In Stock
A History of Australia
by: Mark Peel
$36.90  $41.00  inc GST    $33.55  $37.27  ex GST
ISBN: 9780230001640
Published In: Australia
From the first explorers to present-day Australians, via the great migrations of the centuries in between, Australia's story has been shaped by movement and mobility. This cultural, political and social history offers a clear chronological narrative which brings to life the ideas, hopes and journeys of Australia's past and present.
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Authority and the Sacred
Authority and the Sacred
Aspects of the Christianisation of the Roman World
by: Peter Brown
$33.25  $36.95  inc GST    $30.23  $33.59  ex GST
Publication Date: 28/08/1997
ISBN: 9780521595575
Paperback: 108 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
The Christianization of the Roman world lies at the root of modern Europe, yet at the time it was a tentative and piecemeal process. This study examines the factors which proved decisive and the compromises which made the emergence of the Christian "thought world" possible.
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Asceticism in the Graeco-Roman World
by: Richard Finn
$18.85  $20.95  inc GST    $17.14  $19.05  ex GST
Publication Date: 02/07/2009
ISBN: 9780521681544
Paperback: 194 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
Presents the first combined study of ancient ascetic traditions, which have been previously misunderstood by being studied separately.
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State, Power and Policymaking in the Making of the Modern Middle East
by: Roger Owen
$62.10  $69.00  inc GST    $56.45  $62.73  ex GST
ISBN: 9780415297141
An authoritative text updated to take into account the very latest developments in the Middle East. Serves as an excellent introduction for newcomers to the modern history and politics of this fascinating region.
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