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Rubin's Pathology
Rubin's Pathology
Clinicopathologic Foundations of Medicine
by: Raphael Rubin, MD MD MD MD
$139.50  $155.00  inc GST    $126.82  $140.91  ex GST
Edition: 6
Publication Date: 29/03/2011
ISBN: 9781605479682
Mixed media product: 1450 pages
Published In: United States
The highly acclaimed foundation textbook Rubin's Pathology: Clinicopathologic Foundations of Medicine, now in its Sixth Edition, provides medical students with a lucid discussion of basic disease processes and their effects on cells, organs, and people. The streamlined coverage includes only what medical students need to know and provides clinical application of the chapter concepts. Icons sign...(view full description)
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Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2012
by: Leonard G. Gomella
$17.05  $18.95  inc GST    $15.50  $17.23  ex GST
Edition: 3
Publication Date: 01/12/2000
ISBN: 9780071781626
Paperback: 352 pages
Published In: United States
Everything you need to know when prescribing and administering 1,000 of the drugs most often used in medical practice The Scut Monkey Drug Manual! Organized alphabetically by generic drug name Common uses, mechanisms of action, dosages (adult and pediatric), precautions/contraindications, form supplied, and notes/common side effects Summaries of the FDA's "Blackbox" precautions and contraindica...(view full description)
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Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine
by: Geoffrey Hanks
$139.45  $154.95  inc GST    $126.77  $140.86  ex GST
Edition: 4
Publication Date: 21/07/2011
ISBN: 9780199693146
Paperback: 1704 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
Long-established as the ultimate palliative care textbook, the 4th edition brings this much-loved book up to date. Its comprehensive, multidisciplinary focus, internationally-recognized editors, and the inclusion of recent developments in the specialty, will all ensure that it retains its reputation as the definitive reference on palliative care.
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Mindfulness and the Therapeutic Relationship
by: Steven F. Hick
$26.95  $29.95  inc GST    $24.50  $27.23  ex GST
Publication Date: 30/09/2010
ISBN: 9781609180195
Paperback: 240 pages
Published In: United States
Focuses on how mindfulness can deepen the therapeutic relationship. This book demonstrates how therapists' own mindfulness practice can help them to listen more attentively and be more fully present.
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Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) 2012 (Australian Medicines Handbook ) #
by: AMH
$143.10  $159.00  inc GST    $130.09  $144.55  ex GST
Edition: 2012
Publication Date: 01/01/2012
ISBN: 9780980579062
Published In: Australia
Published annually, AMH is widely recognised as Australia's leading independent medicines reference providing concise, practical and reliable drug information. The book is designed with the busy health professional in mind. AMH structure is broken into easy to use chapters, drug classes and monographs, treatments and appendices.
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Foundations of Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist
by: Jill S. Nield-Gehrig
$76.45  $84.95  inc GST    $69.50  $77.23  ex GST
Edition: 3
Publication Date: 01/01/2011
ISBN: 9781605475738
Paperback: 704 pages
Published In: United States
Provides a comprehensive presentation of periodontics for dental hygiene students. This text focuses on the hygienist's role in periodontal therapy and makes effective use of an instructional design that facilitates teaching and learning the material without watering it down. It uses a detailed outline format to present the content.
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Trauma and Physical Health
by: Victoria L. Banyard
$49.50  $55.00  inc GST    $45.00  $50.00  ex GST
Publication Date: 03/12/2008
ISBN: 9780415480796
Paperback: 272 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
Trauma research and clinical practice have taught us much about the widespread problems of child maltreatment, partner violence, and sexual assault. This title describes both the negative physical health effects of victimization in childhood as well as exploring theoretical models that explains these links.
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Principles of Addiction Medicine
by: Christopher A. Cavacuiti
$58.45  $64.95  inc GST    $53.14  $59.05  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/05/2011
ISBN: 9781605477763
Paperback: 600 pages
Published In: United States
Offers a distillation of the American Society of Addiction Medicine's flagship text. This book presents the clinically essential points from the larger text in an outlined and bulleted format. Each chapter follows a template with structured headings such as pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, therapeutic uses, effects, liability, and withdrawal.
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Case Files Psychiatry
by: Eugene C. Toy
$36.90  $41.00  inc GST    $33.55  $37.27  ex GST
Edition: 4
Publication Date: 01/06/2012
ISBN: 9780071753913
Paperback: 528 pages
Published In: United States
Sixty high-yield psychiatry cases help you sharpen your diagnostic and problem-solving skills You need exposure to high-yield cases to excel on the psychiatry clerkship and the shelf-exam. Case Files: Psychiatry presents sixty real-life cases that illustrate essential concepts. Each case includes complete discussion, clinical pearls, references, definitions of key terms, and USMLE-style review ...(view full description)
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Introduction to Communication Disorders
Introduction to Communication Disorders
A Lifespan Evidence-Based Perspective
by: Robert E. Owens
$147.78  $164.20  inc GST    $134.35  $149.27  ex GST
Edition: 4
Publication Date: 15/02/2010
ISBN: 9780137033751
Mixed media product: 600 pages
Published In: United States
Comprehensive yet compact and user-friendly, the fourth edition of Introduction to Communication Disorders takes a unique lifespan perspective that enables students to focus both on disorders and also on how these disorders impact on the lives of individuals. Through case studies, technical illustrations, best practices boxes, and other features, each chapter describes a specific disorder, rela...(view full description)
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