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Abstract Algebra
Abstract Algebra
An Introduction
by: Thomas W Hungerford
$128.65  $142.95  inc GST    $116.95  $129.95  ex GST
Edition: 3
Publication Date: 27/07/2012
ISBN: 9781111569624
Hardback: 616 pages
Published In: United States
Abstract Algebra: An Introduction is set apart by its thematic development and organization. The chapters are organized around two themes: arithmetic and congruence. Each theme is developed first for the integers, then for polynomials, and finally for rings and groups. This enables students to see where many abstract concepts come from, why they are important, and how they relate to one another...(view full description)
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Vector Calculus
by: P. R. Baxandall
$35.95  $39.95  inc GST    $32.68  $36.32  ex GST
Publication Date: 25/07/2008
ISBN: 9780486466200
Paperback: 560 pages
Published In: United States
This introductory text offers a rigorous, comprehensive treatment. Classical theorems of vector calculus are amply illustrated with figures, worked examples, physical applications, and exercises with hints and answers. 1986 edition.
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Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
by: Ronald E. Walpole
$161.55  $179.50  inc GST    $146.86  $163.18  ex GST
Publication Date: 07/12/2010
ISBN: 9780321629111
Hardback: 816 pages
Published In: United States
This classic text provides a rigorous introduction to basic probability theory and statistical inference, with a unique balance of theory and methodology. Interesting, relevant applications use real data from actual studies, showing how the concepts and methods can be used to solve problems in the field. This revision focuses on improved clarity and deeper understanding.
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Elementary Analysis
by: Kenneth A. Ross
$86.35  $95.95  inc GST    $78.50  $87.23  ex GST
Edition: 2
Publication Date: 29/05/2013
ISBN: 9781461462705
Hardback: 424 pages
Published In: United States
For three decades, this classic has been a must-have textbook for transitional courses from calculus to analysis, celebrated for its clear style and simple proofs. This edition adds material on the irrationality of pi, the Baire category theorem and more.
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Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics
by: Neil J Salkind
$107.10  $119.00  inc GST    $97.36  $108.18  ex GST
Edition: 5
Publication Date: 12/11/2013
ISBN: 9781452277714
Paperback: 468 pages
Published In: United States
This bestselling text teaches an often intimidating and difficult subject in a way that is informative, personable, and clear. Researchers and students who find themselves uncomfortable with the analysis portion of their work will appreciate this book's unhurried pace and thorough, friendly presentation.
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Reasoning with Statistics
Reasoning with Statistics
How to Read Quantitative Research
by: Frederick Williams
$169.15  $187.95  inc GST    $153.77  $170.86  ex GST
Edition: 5
Publication Date: 19/10/2000
ISBN: 9780155068155
Paperback: 240 pages
Published In: United States
This text is designed to help students become knowledgable of quantitative research. It provides a view of research strategies for those students who may or may not have a mathemtaical background. There is a strong emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than calculational methods.
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Applied Multivariate Statistics for the Social Sciences
by: James P. Stevens
$207.00  $230.00  inc GST    $188.18  $209.09  ex GST
Edition: 5
Publication Date: 20/02/2009
ISBN: 9780805859010
Hardback: 664 pages
Published In: United States
Suitable for those who use, rather than develop statistical methods, this text focuses on a conceptual understanding of the material rather than on proving results. It stresses the importance of checking the data, assessing the assumptions, and ensuring adequate sample size by providing guidelines so that the results can be generalized.
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Introduction to Statistical Mediation Analysis
by: David P. MacKinnon
$72.00  $80.00  inc GST    $65.45  $72.73  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/01/2008
ISBN: 9780805864298
Paperback: 488 pages
Published In: United States
Introduces the statistical, methodological, and conceptual aspects of mediation analysis. This volume intends to help the reader apply mediation analysis to their own data and understand its limitations. It also describes the estimation of mediation effects including assumptions, statistical tests, and the construction of confidence limits.
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Vector Calculus 6e
by: Jerrold E Marsden
$140.35  $155.95  inc GST    $127.59  $141.77  ex GST
Edition: 6
Publication Date: 16/12/2011
ISBN: 9781429215084
Hardback: 545 pages
Published In: United States
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Rasch Models
by: Gerhard H. Fischer
$268.15  $297.95  inc GST    $243.77  $270.86  ex GST
Publication Date: 28/09/2011
ISBN: 9781461287049
Paperback: 448 pages
Published In: United States
This edited volume comprises twenty-one chapters written by leading experts who have closely cooperated to present a self contained and unified overview of results thus far scattered or waiting for journal publication. Together, the chapters survey the underlying theory of Rasch models and the associated statistical ideas, provide systematic access to the fundamental results and proofs, and pre...(view full description)
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