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Raw Moves
by: James Houston
$15.25  $16.95  inc GST    $13.86  $15.41  ex GST
Publication Date: 1/11/2000
ISBN: 9789057034138
Hardback: 192 pages
Published In: Australia
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Mini Nude Bible
by: Philippe de Baeck
$46.75  $51.95  inc GST    $42.50  $47.23  ex GST
Publication Date: 20/10/2008
ISBN: 9789076886763
Hardback: 432 pages
Published In: Belgium
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Bikes of Burden
by: Hans Kemp
$35.95  $39.95  inc GST    $32.68  $36.32  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/02/2007
ISBN: 9789628563739
Hardback: 160 pages
Published In: Hong Kong
In Vietnam the motorbike is the main mode of transport, not only for people but for every imaginable and unimaginable product and produce. Without the motorbike the economy would come to a halt. Bikes of Burden shows in 148 stunning, full color photographs how the motorbikes, the drivers and their loads ride around the cities and countryside in acts that defy your wildest imagination.
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Publish Your Photography Book
by: Darius Himes
$40.50  $45.00  inc GST    $36.82  $40.91  ex GST
Publication Date: 30/04/2011
ISBN: 9781568988832
Paperback: 224 pages
Published In: United States
We live in the golden age of the photography book. Since the early 1990s, the number of photography book publishers has continued to grow while technological developments have placed more tools for bookmaking directly in the hands of photographers. For the students and working artists who have chosen photography as their primary means of expression, having their own photography book is seen as ...(view full description)
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Twenty-five Years of Australian Geographic Photography
by: Australian Geographic
$53.95  $59.95  inc GST    $49.05  $54.50  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/10/2010
ISBN: 9781921683336
Hardback: 224 pages
Published In: Australia
A quarter of a century ago, the Australian Geographic journal began documenting an Australia only thrown a passing glance by other media: a land of red dirt, big skies and faces etched with experience of this sometimes harsh and unforgiving land. This is a pictorial showcase of the stories that have engaged, informed and entertained for 25 years.
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The Fundamentals of Creative Photography
by: David Prakel
$58.50  $65.00  inc GST    $53.18  $59.09  ex GST
Publication Date: 30/08/2010
ISBN: 9782940411139
Paperback: 208 pages
Published In: Switzerland
Offers an introduction to the world of applied creative photography. This book explores the basic principles that underpin photography, and guides the reader though the practical considerations involved in executing the perfect shot. It gives an insight into professional working practices in the creative imaging industries.
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Basics Creative Photography 01: Design Principles
by: Jeremy Webb
$52.15  $57.95  inc GST    $47.41  $52.68  ex GST
Publication Date: 15/11/2010
ISBN: 9782940411368
Paperback: 192 pages
Published In: Switzerland
Introduces students to the use of design methodology in the creation of photographic images. This book guides students through a comprehensive range of principles traditionally associated with design, including the use of line, shape, colour, space, texture and light, and demonstrates how these can be applied to photography.
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The Digital Eye
The Digital Eye
Photographic Art in the Electronic Age
by: Sylvia Wolf
$51.25  $56.95  inc GST    $46.59  $51.77  ex GST
Publication Date: 21/04/2010
ISBN: 9783791343181
Hardback: 192 pages
Published In: Germany
Exploring one of the most exciting and transformative developments in the history of photography, this book focuses on the masters of contemporary digital art photography.
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Hijacked 2
Hijacked 2
Australia & Germany
by: Mark Mcpherson
$90.00  $100.00  inc GST    $81.82  $90.91  ex GST
Publication Date: 05/08/2010
ISBN: 9783868281262
Hardback: 300 pages
Published In: Germany
An expansive photographic anthology showcasing the diverse talents and perspectives of thirty-two contemporary German and Australian photographers.
Out of Stock
The Art of iPhoneography
by: Stephanie C. Roberts
$17.95  $19.95  inc GST    $16.32  $18.14  ex GST
Publication Date: 21/03/2011
ISBN: 9781907579172
Paperback: 160 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
The iPhone is an iconic product, and every one includes a camera, always at hand. This book is suitable for iPhone owner. It teaches how to use them through clear illustrations, images and a friendly instructional text.
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