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Retailing Management
by: Michael Levy
$182.61  $202.90  inc GST    $166.01  $184.45  ex GST
Edition: 9
Publication Date: 01/12/2013
ISBN: 9780078028991
Hardback: 704 pages
Published In: United States
Intends to inform students about the developments in the retail industry. This title features the developments in the industry that provides challenging and rewarding opportunities for students interested in retailing careers and companies supporting the retail industry such as IBM, Procter & Gamble, and Google.
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30-minute Social Media Marketing Step-by-step Techniques to Spread the Word About Your Business
by: Susan Gunelius
$22.45  $24.95  inc GST    $20.41  $22.68  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/11/2010
ISBN: 9780071743815
Small business marketing expert Susan Gunelius guides readers through social media marketing for small business, providing measurable results in just 30 minutes a day
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Stop Talking Start Communicating Counterintuitive Secrets to Success in Business and in Life
by: Geoffrey Tumlin
$25.15  $27.95  inc GST    $22.86  $25.41  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/08/2013
ISBN: 9780071813044
Suitable for anyone who wants to be a difference-making leader, manager, or team member, this book combines scientific research with real-world strategies to deliver a proven approach to more effective communication.
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Highly Recommended Harnessing the Power of Word of Mouth and Social Media to Build Your Brand and Your Business
by: Paul M. Rand
$31.45  $34.95  inc GST    $28.59  $31.77  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/10/2013
ISBN: 9780071816212
Reveals how customer recommendations in the digital space have radically transformed the way people buy - which means you need to come up with new methods to reach customers and improve your products. This title provides what you need to seize the competitive edge and grow your company.
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Strategic Relationships at Work
Strategic Relationships at Work
Creating Your Circle of Mentors Sponsors and Peers for Success in Business and Life
by: Wendy Murphy
$33.25  $36.95  inc GST    $30.23  $33.59  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/08/2014
ISBN: 9780071823470
Relationships That Matter explains why mentoring works, why leaders need multiple mentors, and how to identify potential mentors and proactively develop mutually beneficial relationships with them. It provides actionable advice that applies across the many stages of a career.
In Stock
The Power of Visual Storytelling How to Use Visuals Videos and Social Media to Market Your Brand
by: Ekaterina Walter
$37.75  $41.95  inc GST    $34.32  $38.14  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/04/2014
ISBN: 9780071823937
Shows you how to grow your business and strengthen your brand by leveraging photos, videos, infographics, presentations, and other rich media. This book delivers a powerful road map for getting started, while inspiring new levels of creativity within organizations of all types and sizes.
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YouTube Marketing Power How to Use Video to Find More Prospects Launch Your Products and Reach a Massive Audience
by: Jason Miles
$26.05  $28.95  inc GST    $23.68  $26.32  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/01/2014
ISBN: 9780071830546
YouTube is one of the world's most popular website - which makes it one of the best marketing tools on the planet. This title shows you how to get up and running on YouTube and offers best practices for using itto drive traffic to websites to increase sales. It provides expert tips on how to design a powerful YouTube strategy.
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How to Build a Billion Dollar App
How to Build a Billion Dollar App
Discover the secrets of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time
by: George Berkowski
$29.69  $32.99  inc GST    $26.99  $29.99  ex GST
Publication Date: 04/09/2014
ISBN: 9780349401379
Paperback: 480 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
Apps have changed the way we communicate, shop, play, interact and travel and their phenomenal popularity has presented possibly the biggest business opportunity in history. In How to Build a Billion Dollar App, serial tech entrepreneur George Berkowski - one of the minds behind the internationally successful taxi hailing app Hailo - gives you exclusive access to the secrets behind the success ...(view full description)
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The Art of Social Selling
The Art of Social Selling
Finding and Engaging Customers on Twitter Facebook LinkedIn and Other Social Networks
by: Shannon Belew
$30.55  $33.95  inc GST    $27.77  $30.86  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/01/2014
ISBN: 9780814433324
Citing enlightening research and real-world examples, this title presents readers with a detailed methodology for growing sales and expanding their customer base using social media.
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Leadership the Brian Tracy Success Library
by: Brian Tracy
$15.25  $16.95  inc GST    $13.86  $15.41  ex GST
Publication Date: 01/02/2014
ISBN: 9780814433416
Reveals how you can: inspire trust, confidence, and loyalty; instill a sense of meaning and purpose in your organization; tap into the motivation and enthusiasm that compels others to commit to your vision; think strategically - keeping the big picture in mind; continually focus on the future; and turn adversity into opportunity.
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