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Wildlife Medicine and Rehabilitation
by: Anna Meredith
$58.50  $65.00  inc GST    $53.18  $59.09  ex GST
Publication Date: 30/09/2011
ISBN: 9781840761467
Paperback: 240 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
Veterinarians increasingly encounter wildlife casualties in practice and have a duty of care for the welfare of the animals. This comprehensive and easy-to-use self assessment book contains some 208 clinical cases with 325 illustrations.
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Calculations for Veterinary Nurses
by: Margaret Moore
$43.15  $47.95  inc GST    $39.23  $43.59  ex GST
ISBN: 9780632054985
Helps veterinary nurses with various types of calculations. This book includes numerous worked examples to develop the reader's confidence in carrying out the procedures involved. It enables the reader to progress from an explanation of the arithmetic principles involved, to the application of these principles to useful veterinary calculations.
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Minimally Invasive Fracture Repair, an Issue of Veterinary Clinics: Small Animal Practice
by: Brian S. Beale
$87.30  $97.00  inc GST    $79.36  $88.18  ex GST
Publication Date: 09/11/2012
ISBN: 9781455749706
Hardback: 240 pages
Published In: United States
Includes topics such as: concepts of the biomechanics in fracture repair, MIPO techniques for articular fractures, bone plate and plate-rod for MIPO, MIPO techniques of the tibia, MIPO techniques of femur, percutaneous pinning, MIPO techniques of the radius and ulna, percutaneous arthrodesis, and MIPO techniques of the metacarpus and metatarsus.
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McCurnin's Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians
by: Joanna M. Bassert
$99.00  $110.00  inc GST    $90.00  $100.00  ex GST
Edition: 8
Publication Date: 15/04/2013
ISBN: 9781437726800
Hardback: 1496 pages
Published In: United States
Deals with the field of veterinary technology. This book includes sections on small and large animals, birds, reptiles, and small mammals that embrace every aspect of the veterinary field, while case presentations of actual patient situations link information to relevant, real-life scenarios you may encounter in future practice.
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Handbook of Laboratory Animal Management and Welfare
by: Sarah Wolfensohn
$76.45  $84.95  inc GST    $69.50  $77.23  ex GST
Edition: 4
Publication Date: 04/01/2013
ISBN: 9780470655498
Paperback: 390 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
This bestseller has been an essential book for all those working with laboratory animals since it was first published in 1994. This fourth edition retains all the classic features that have made it a must-have reference including emphasis on best practice in order to improve animal welfare.
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Black's Veterinary Dictionary
by: Edward Boden
$49.50  $55.00  inc GST    $45.00  $50.00  ex GST
Edition: 22
Publication Date: 23/10/2014
ISBN: 9781408175729
Hardback: 816 pages
Published In: United Kingdom
Black's Veterinary Dictionary has been a bestseller for over eighty years. It is an essential reference tool for anyone with a professional or leisure interest in the care of animals.
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Georgis' Parasitology for Veterinarians
by: Dwight D. Bowman
$91.80  $102.00  inc GST    $83.45  $92.73  ex GST
Edition: 10e
Publication Date: Nov 2013
ISBN: 9781455740062
Provides information on all parasites commonly encountered in veterinary medicine. This book focuses on parasites that infect domestic species, such as dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and ruminants. It also includes coverage of organisms that infect poultry, laboratory animals, and exotic species.
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