Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates

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Hardback: 544 pages
Edition: 9
Contributors: George C. Kent
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Publisher Availability: Active
Publication Date: 01/08/2000
Published in: United States
ISBN10: 0073038695
ISBN13: 9780073038698
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DescriptionDeemed a classic for its reading level and high-quality illustrations, this respected text is ideal for your one-semester Comparative Anatomy course. For the ninth edition, George Kent is joined by new co-author Bob Carr.
AuthorsGeorge C. Kent
Robert K. Carr
Imprint NameMcGraw Hill Higher Education
Table of Contents1 Introduction The Phylum Chordata: The Big Four The Craniate Body: General Plan Craniate Characteristics Vertebrate Characteristics Structures Common to Craniates Other Vertebrate Characteristics 2 Concepts, Premises, and Pioneers Pattern and Process Adaptation Speciation Evolutionary Convergence Development Metamorphosis and Heterochrony Systematics and Taxonomy Organic Evolution and Evolutionary Selection Anatomy From Galen to Darwin Words to Ponder 3 Protochordates and the Origin of Craniates Protochordates The Origin of Craniates The Ammocoete: A Vertebrate Larva Heterochrony and the Relationship Between Amphioxus and Vertebrates 4 Parade of the Craniates in Time and Taxa Craniate Taxa Agnatha Gnathostomes: Placoderms Chondrichthyes (Cartilaginous Fishes) Acanthodians and Osteichthyans (Spiny Fishes and Bony Fishes) Actinopterygii (Ray-Finned Fishes) Sarcopterygii (Lobe-Finned Fishes) Amphibia Amniotes (Reptiles and Synapsids) Reptilia (Sauropsida) Synapsids Variation Among Individuals 5 Early Craniate Morphogenesis Craniate Eggs Early Development of Representative Chordates Fate of the Ectoderm Fate of the Endoderm Fate of the Mesoderm Significance of the Germ Layers Extraembryonic Membranes 6 Integument Preview: Skin of the Eft The Epidermis The Dermis The Integument From Fishes to Mammals Some Roles of the Integument 7 Mineralized Tissues: An Introduction to the Skeleton Bone Cartilage Skeletal Remodeling Tendons, Ligaments, and Joints Mineralized Tissues and the Invertebrates Regional Components of the Skeleton Heterotopic Bones 8 Vertebrae, Ribs, and Sterna Vertebral Column Ribs Tetrapod Sternum 9 Skull and Visceral Skeleton Neurocranium Generalized Dermatocramium Neurocranial-Dermatocranial Complex of Bony Fishes Neurocranial-Dermatocranial Complex of Modern Tetrapods Visceral Skeleton Perspective 10 Girdles, Fins, Limbs, and Locomotion Pectoral Girdles Pelvic Girdles Fins Tetrapod Limbs 11 Muscles Muscle Tissues and Major Categories of Muscles Introduction to Skeletal Muscles Axial Muscles Appendicular Muscles Somitomeric nad Somitic Muscles of the Head Integumentary Muscles Electric Organs 12 Digestive System Procuring Food The Digestive Tract: An Overview Mouth and Oral Cavity Pharynx Morphology of the Gut Wall Esophagus Stomach Intestine Liver and Gallbladder Exocrine Pancreas Cloaca 13 Respiratory System Principles of Diffusion Gills Nares and Nasal Canals Swim Bladders and the Origin of Lungs Lungs and Their Ducts 14 Circulatory System Development Blood The Heart and Its Evolution Arterial Channels and Their Modifications Venous Channels and Their Modifications Circulation in the Mammalian Fetus, and Changes at Birth Systematic Summary of Respiration and Circulation Lymphatic System 15 Urogential System Kidneys and Their Ducts Urinary Bladders Genital Organs Cloaca 16 Nervous System Neuron Growth and Differentiation of the Nervous System Neuroglia and Neurilemma Spinal Cord Spinal Nerves Brain Cranial Nerves Autonomic Nervous System Segmentation of the Craniate Head 17 Sense Organs Special Somatic Receptors Special Chemoreceptors General Somatic Receptors General Visceral Receptors 18 Endocrine Organs Endocrine Role of the Nervous System Endocrine Organs Derived From Ectoderm Endocrine Organs Derived from Mesoderm Endocrine Organs Derived from Endoderm Hormonal Control of Biological Rhythms Appendix Glossary Index

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