Plant and Animal Biology Units 6 and 7 9/e

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Edition: 9
Contributors: Peter H Raven
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Publication Date: 23/2/2010
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ISBN10: 0077397517
ISBN13: 9780077397517
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Description<p>BIOLOGY is an authoritative majors textbook focusing on evolution as a unifying theme. Volume I covers Chemistry, Cell Biology, and Genetics; Volume II covers Plant and Animal Biology; and Volume III covers Evolution, Diversity, and Ecology. <p>BIOLOGY is distinguished from other texts by its strong emphasis on natural selection and the evolutionary process that explains biodiversity. The new 8th edition continues that tradition and advances into modern biology by featuring the latest in cutting edge content reflective of the rapid advances in biology. That same modern perspective was brought into the completely new art program offering readers a dynamic, realistic, and accurate, visual program.
AuthorsPeter H Raven
George B Johnson
Kenneth A Mason
Jonathan B Losos
Susan R Singer

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